Thursday, April 28, 2011

1976 XLCH project

マッチングナンバー 21"フロントホイール フロントブレーキ無し ケイヒンキャブ 実動 オイル漏れは一晩に1,2滴程度ですが走行後は多少増えます。メーター、ウインカー、ホーン無し 暫く乗っていなかった車両なのでキャブ等調整、整備は必要です。チョークケーブル、リターンスプリング、エアクリーナー等欠品有り テールライトの配線は繋がっていません。 現状 $4500

Matching numbers. 21" front wheel, no front brake, Keihin curb. Runs good but haven't been ridden a while. Needs some parts such as choke cable, return spring and air cleaner. Sold as is, $4500

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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Little by little...





We are still middle of moving. Just bought an office trailer in Ventura then brought to our new location in Gardena. We managed to drag the office into our warehouse by a forklift and 2 pallet jacks after I took of the axles and hitch frame. Still needs interior work, wiring and painting but much better than before already.
I also would like to say thank you for all of you guys who helped to send some foods and donations to the devastated area of the massive earthquake in Japan. My 1996 Mazda pick up is still on the way to my friend who lives in that area. Not only him but also lot of victims still having difficult time and it takes years and years to recover their lives. Please don't forget about this tragic disaster is still going on including the nuclear powerplant issue. We would really appreciate it if you could keep thinking about it and help anything you can such as donation or buy something which is "Made in Japan".