Saturday, December 31, 2011

Thank you and have a wonderful new year


今年は日本に行く事が出来ず、引越しも有り、仕事も詰め込めるだけ詰め込んだのでゆっくりとお会いしたりお話をする機会が有りませんでしたが、 2012年の早い段階で1度日本に行ければと思いますのでその際には関係各所お邪魔致しますので日程が決まり次第連絡致します。



サウスベイストリートマシンズ株式会社 代表 石垣 友康

Happy new year everyone. We just wanted to say thank you for all of my customers, friends, family and all of you who just have been checking our website and blog 2011. Thanks to you all, we moved to bigger, 2400 sqft warehouse in Gardena, California last April and shipped some 40 ft conteiner with hundreds of motorcycles from here. We continue for having more inventory and serving better service 2012 as well. We are really looking forward to do business with you in the near future.

Best regards,

Tomo Ishigaki
Owner of South Bay Street Machines Inc.

Friday, December 30, 2011

1969 Triumph T120 Bonneville

マッチングナンバー 実働ですがキャブのオーバーホール、シリンダーヘッドのオーバーホールをお勧めします(白煙が出ます。下記の動画を参考にして下さい。試乗しましたが正常に吹け上がりませんでした)。  左サイドカバー欠品。 オイル漏れは一晩に1,2滴くらいでした。$6300現状。 名古屋向けのコンテナに積み込みしてあります。1月下旬か2月上旬頃の名古屋到着予定です。 下記のリンクにその他の画像がありますのでご覧下さい. こちらです To see other pics, click here Matching numbers and clean California title in hand. Runs but needs curburator and cylinder head rebuild. Missing left side cover. Very little oil leak from motor like one or two drips per night. The bike is loaded into a conteiner which heading up to Nagoya, Japan. $6300 as is.

Tuesday, December 27, 2011


We have loaded 15 bikes, 1 motorcycle trailer and parts into 40' conteiner which heading up to Nagoya, Japan. We managed to ship last conteiner of 2011 thanks to our costomer who purchased our bikes and ordered the parts in the conteiner. This conteiner is scheduled to depart from port of Long Beach on Jan. 1st, 2012.

Sunday, December 18, 2011

1973 XLCH

マッチングナンバー ケイヒンキャブ 敷地内にて試乗確認済み キックが少し軽いですが圧縮は前後OKでした。オイル漏れは一晩に2,3滴です。 $4800 下記のリンクにその他の画像がありますのでご覧下さい. こちらです To see other pics, click here Matching #s and clean HD title in hand. Keihin curb. $4800 as is.

Sunday, December 4, 2011


We had unloaded our bikes and parts last Friday, December 2nd at HOT TRUCKS in Chita, Aichi. We appreciated for all of our customer who came down to pick up the bikes and parts at there and Hot trucks. We hope we can make one more 40' conteiner by the end of this year. Please let us know if anyone would like to ship any bikes or parts from California to Nagoya, Japan or any other countries.