Monday, April 23, 2012

Almost done


We have unloaded the bikes, parts and motorcycle trailer from the container which we shipped from California. Most of the bikes and parts were already picked up by our customers and 4 bikes are ready to deliver to Kanto area tomorrow.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

2000 Kendon folding dual motorcycle trailer


その他の画像はこちらからご覧下さい→画像リンク To see other pics, click here
車両積載時の画像(同モデル別車両)→画像リンク To see other pics, click here

The 40' container which we shipped from California last mounth has arrived at the port of Nagoya, Japan today and we are going to unload the bikes and parts on the day after tomorrow (Friday, April 20th). This 2000 Kendon dual rail motorcycle trailer will be unloaded on Friday then reaady to show anyone can come to check the trailer out. 135,000 Japanese Yen and sold as is.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

1966 Triumph TR6R hardtail rigid

マッチングナンバー バッテリーレス(アイドリングでは灯火類点灯不可) ボイヤーイグニッション
エンジン始動時にブリーザーからオイル漏れ有り 全体的にも滲みがあります。一晩に数滴漏れます。
 試乗確認済み スペアパーツ有り(フォークカバー、キックギヤ、フットペグ、塗装補修用フレーク)
その他の画像はこちらからご覧下さい→画像リンク To see other pics, click here

This 1966 Triumph TR6R is also scheduled to be arrived at the port of Nagoya, Japan on the end of next week. Matching #s and clean California title. Need to add battery to have all the lighting work. Have test ridden, $7600 sold as is.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

1974 XLCH Hardtail rigid


新品のジェネレーターが付属します。Eキャブ 一晩に数的のオイル漏れ有ります。
その他の画像はこちらからご覧下さい→画像リンク To see other pics, click here

1974 XLCH hardtail rigid is up for sale and the bike in the container that will be arrived at the port of Nagoya on the end of this month. Have test ridden and charging system is need to be replaced. $6300 sold as is.

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Schedule update for container and myself



The container wich loaded last week has left Long Beach, California and heading up to Nagoya, Japan. I'm also flying to Japan this weekend and receiving container over there. I would be glad to do that with our partners and to see my customers at that time.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

American muscle and SUV

These cars also heading up to Nagoya, Japan and scheduled to be arrived there beginning of May.