Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Off to Nagoya, Japan


It was first time for us sipped two 40' containers at once. One for a 1967 Mustang Eleanor and auto parts then another one for 13 motorcycles and motorcycle parts. Thanks all of our customers who ordered everything in the containers. Those two containers both will be arrived at the port of Nagoya on the end of August.

Monday, July 23, 2012

Container schedule update


We are planning to ship one more 40' container to Nagoya, Japan which scheduled to load our bikes and parts on monday, July 30th. If you would like to load any bikes or parts into the container, please let us know asap.

Friday, July 20, 2012

1980 FXS80

1980 FXS $6400 マッチングナンバー ネック加工(パテが入っています) デュアルプラグ
Bキャブ 3.5ガロンタンク 試乗確認済み オイル漏れはエンジンとトランスから少々です。

A matching numbers custom base machine 1980 FXS80 is up for sale. Modified neck but I guess there is only some bondo around. Dual plug heads and S&S B curb. Runs good. $6400 sold as is.

Saturday, July 14, 2012

One more XLCH Ironhead Sportster


1974 XLCH $4600 フロント19インチ、リヤ18インチ(前後アルミリム)
マッチングナンバー ケイヒンキャブ 試乗確認済み 右シフト
フォワードコントロール(1up 3downになっていますが元に戻せば通常のシフトパターンに戻ります)
その他の画像はこちらからご覧下さい→画像リンク To see other pics, click here

We have another 1974 XLCH Sportster in stock here in California. Original matching number and clean Harley title in hand. Keihin curb and forward control (1 up 3 down set up but can be 1 down 3 up stock shift pattern with stock controls). Runs good. $4600 sold as is. Leaks a little oil as old Harley Davidsons.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

1966 XLCH in stock


1966 XLCH $6000 (555,000円 日本までの送料、通関費、輸入消費税込み)
マッチングケース、ミクニキャブ、試乗確認済み、発電していません。 マグネトーの鍵は有りません。全体的にオイルの滲み、漏れ有ります。
その他の画像はこちらからご覧下さい→画像リンク To see other pics, click here

Another 1966 Ironhead Sportster XLCH has also in stock in Aichi, Japan. Original matching cases with magneto set up and still runs good. Generator does not work and typical oil leak from the engine. $6000 sold as is (55,5000 Japanese Yen include shipping to Japan, custom declaration fee and import tax).

Sunday, July 8, 2012

1973 XLCH has just arrived to Japan


1973 XLCH $5000 (471,000円 送料、通関費、輸入消費税込み)
マッチングナンバー マッチングケース Eキャブ 試乗確認済
Fタイヤが太いのでFフェンダーは取り外してあります。 R18インチ、F19インチスチールリム。
その他の画像はこちらからご覧下さい→画像リンク To see other pics, click here

This 1973 Ironhead Sportster has just arrived Nagoya, Japan and unloaded from container. Matching #s with clean California title, starts right up, S&S curb and comes with paperwork from customs to register the bike in Japan. $5000 for the bike (471,000 Japanese Yen include shipping cost to Japan, customs fee and import tax), sold as is.