Monday, March 24, 2014

Ready to be registered

先日、日本に到着した2002年フォード レンジャーのガスレポート取得が完了しました。




One of the reason why driving a mini truck in Japan is so hard is the emission test. To pass the test is not that hard but the cost is around three thousand U.S. dollars. Once we passed the test, we can use the certificate to register another 9 exact same model (year, cabin type, engine, transmission and drive train). No guarantee to sell the certificate to other 9 people. Who wants to be the first person to pay $3000 to register a small pick up? I already paid $9000 for just 3 smog certificate from 4 years ago then nobody bought any of each. We would be very happy to sell these certificate to any of you or would be appreciate to see someday we won't have to do this stupid process to drive any imported mini trucks in Japan.

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